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DLA - Defense Logistics Agency Overview Thundercat was awarded a 1.6 million contract to re-design the DLA J6N Backup & Recovery architecture for 25 sites. The new backup system will eliminate Tape from the DLA environment and save the government $750,000 annually in backup related expenses.ag-tng.com.uaкупить аккумуляторплита индукционная купить


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DAU - Defense Acquisition University Recent Win ThunderCat and Riverbed get selected to help DAU improve critical application availability across multiple remote locations. WAN Optimization technology will help performance and productivity for the agency. ThunderCat looks forward to continuing its role as trusted advisor to DAU.ag-tng.com.uaкупить аккумулятор киевпечь микроволновая с грилем


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NIEHS Recent Deployment ThunderCat wins Enterprise-Wide Data Storage project for NIEHS. ThunderCat and NetApp will consolidate mixed storage silos, improve performance and lower overall cost of ownership for NIEHS. We are proud to have been selected for this effort as our partnership with HHS continues to expand.ag-tng.com.ua/аккумуляторы киевблинница купить


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DHH – Department of Health and Human Services Overview ThunderCat increases data replication performance resulting in improved RTO and RPO for NIDDK. In partnership with Riverbed, ThunderCat designed and delivered a robust, fault tolerant WAN Optimization solution resulting in improved data reliability for the agency.ag-tng.com.ua/аккумулятор купить киеввафельница купить


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NIH – National of Institutes of Health Recent Win ThunderCat helps NIH OD accomplish its mandate to consolidate storage and server assets through the use of shared storage and virtualization technologies. The final result was a Seven month ROI and significant reduction in management complexity of the environment.aplot.uaкупить аккумулятор в киевельдогенератор профессиональный


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DMA – Defense Media Activity Recent Deployment ThunderCat is proud to support the Defense Media Agency in its goal to provide timely and accurate information to all members of the Armed Forces anywhere in the world. ThunderCat designs and integrates Data Storage and WAN Optimization solutions that help DMA accomplish this mission.aplot.ua/акб киевпресс для цитрусовых купить


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CIS - Citizenship and Immigration Services Overview ThunderCat is the trusted advisor for infrastructure related datacenter support. ThunderCat provided over $10 million in datacenter related product and services to help assist with email, backup, consolidation, modernization, and network related projects.aplot.ua/аккумуляторы купить киевбарное оборудование киев


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DOA – Department of Agriculture Recent Win Thundercat wins a 10 million dollar BPA at USDA. USDA/NITC awarded the BPA to address its growing requirements for backup software and Virtual Tape requirements. ThunderCat is proud to support USDA/NITC in its mission to provide reliable and cost-effective Information Technology Solutions.auto.niko.uaаккумулятор киев купитьльдогенератор купить


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DOT- Department of the Treasury Recent Deployment ThunderCat is the trusted advisor to Treasury FMS for infrastructure related network and datacenter consolidation efforts. ThunderCat has partnered with IBM to provide over $15 Million in mainframe along with network infrastructure and support services.auto.niko.uaаккумулятор 100 ампероборудование для бара


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TSA - Transportation Security Administration Recent Win ThunderCat continues to work with TSA in support of their relocation efforts and provides technology guidance on ways to optimize and create a more efficient IT enterprise.


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DHS - Homeland Security Overview ThunderCat has provided ICE Email Archive and DNS solutions in the past and continues to work on various projects involving consolidation, back up, and DR.www.auto.niko.uaаккумулятор 60 ампероборудование для кафе

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